Loneliness at end of new year? 6 ways to solve vague anxiety

There are few women suffering from anxiety by spending the year-end and new year alone. This time I propose a way to solve anxiety for women in 30's

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Anxiety certainly does not disappear!

When you feel uneasy, you imagine more and more bad things, right? This time we will show you how to change such anxiety into confidence! Let 's breathe anxiety in the morning to make it a wonderful 2017

1. Meditate - 15 minutes a day.

Let's first learn the means to cancel anxiety to spend life happily in 2017. First recommendation is meditation with yoga. By meditating, you get the habit of negating negative thoughts in your mind.

Continue to take a deep breath, taking a relaxed posture, inhale from your nose and get out of your mouth.

At this time, I think that thoughts may come into my mind but concentrate on deep breathing! You can acquire happy thoughts by continuing every day for only 15 minutes a day.

2. Fix your resolutions fairly! Write down the goal

People who tend to feel uneasy or continue to worry often do not have goals or things they want to do.

Is this OK? Is that okay? It is important to have a firm goals decided fairly to "Do this!"

Let's write down what you failed and decide which goal you want to be positive instead of looking at what you are not at the moment.

3. Look at works of your ideal characters

The words, actions and clothes of the characters are packed with hints that will make you happier.

It might be a good idea to do some mimicry in places people do not see.If you do it, you can be truly happy. What is important is the ability to believe and execute.

4. Change under garments and clothes to a new one

Underwear and clothes are very important in bringing out femininity.

let's get rid of -
Things that have not been used for years or things that can still be worn but that are getting worse, in order to attract new luck.

5. You have the option of taking a break (optional)

Let's think about moving those who dare to continue bad luck. This is something you can not do right away.

If access to the workplace is inconvenient or room layout is bad, freedom is gradually lost.

If you can spend time for yourself, you will find yourself blessed with a variety of opportunities becoming active magically.

6. Go on a journey alone to have a wide field of vision

Let's travel alone if there is enough money. A single trip can learn to do something alone and learn a new perspective.

Let's talk to various people as much as possible. When talking, you can listen to each person's ideas..

Have the courage and be change you want to be. you will be happy!

People who tend to be anxious can not have the courage to change.

By all means, please challenge 2017 with courage.

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