Top Ten Jobs that Obama will be doing next.

The election is finally over and the winner is Donald Trump. Once Trump takes the White House, what jobs do you think Obama should do next?

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After Obama's retirement


Every single X US president gets a salary for life so they don' really need to work ever again this has been great with some presidents who were already quite all when they left the White House..

but for Barack Obama he's relatively young you could say and now he's gonna find himself out of work and looking for a job so for him we've come up with ten a possible job that he may very well take up can any of them beat being president of the US is only one way to find out let's jump into a number 10 which is speaking that's right even though obama isn' president anymore.

People still want to hear what he has to say obama is speaking at an event people will pay to go people will lessen and the event will get a lot more attention so event organizers will pay him a lot of money former President Bill Clinton those this and his 2011 tax return shows that he was averaging about a quarter of a million dollars per speech so the one speech Obama could make more than he gets from his ex presidential yearly salary

I love the idea of obama being in a White House meeting and just daydreaming about one day owning a basketball team..


Check this out for the complete VIdeo

Top 10 Jobs President Obama Will Do Now

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