Modi Speech on 31st Dec. 2017, Post Demonetization - Reports

Just after Narendra Modi's first speech, collection of reports from news & journalists. What is everybody's opinion of Modi's demonetization address

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From Journalists and News Channels

The opinions expressed within this article are the collected information from sources cited.

Narendra Modi Just Dug Himself a Great Big Hole

In a speech full of faulty economic reasoning, Modi made one factual claim – the number of Indians with official incomes greater than Rs 10 lakh is just 24 lakh. If demonetisation really works, he needs to up that figure substantially in the next two years.

Modi speech: Why the silence on specifics of black money and political funding? - Firstpost

If the government can insist the common man to change their cash transactions to digital mode, why can’t it ask the same of political parties, too?

Opposition parties criticise Narendra Modi’s address

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said that the Prime Minister raised sundry things that have nothing to do with demonetisation.

Was Modi’s Speech Socialist In Tone? Definitely Yes

The PM’s speech was another reminder that he is NOT an Indian reincarnation of Thatcher-Reagan.

Acche Din for rural India! Top 5 takeaways from PM Modi's speech on New Year's Eve

PM Modi applauded efforts made by the citizens who have displayed courage and patience over the last 50 days in making 'yagna' effective.

Nothing new in PM Modi’s address to nation: Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Year eve address to the nation, saying that there was nothing new that he offered to the people.



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