Warm and convenient Knit hat on a day off. 6 knit hat styles

In winter, many people knitted with knit cap. A warm and convenient hat works for all scenes, introducing perfect knit hats styles by Nichole Ciotti.

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Knit hat that is perfect on the off day such as the weekend.

A warm and convenient hat works in various scenes. This time, we will introduce the style of knit hat that is perfect on the off day such as the weekend.

Casual Knit Hat Coordination

Certainly knit hat is a must-have item for winter casual. Therefore, I tend to think that it is okay just to wear a hat according which is casual.

But, of hat's color and style, are equally important

Learn from Nichole.

Nichole Ciotti's Website and Instagram

Active style is white

Cozy chic style has a perfect fit

In black style, black hat braided with pom pom

At the cutting edge of the Beanie trend

Overall, one-tone incorporating the dark gray coat + black leggings + burgundy color beanie, in order to give the slim look

For sophisticated adults' attire

Pink knit and braided with a pom-pom gray hat gives a perfect compatibility.

You can also aim at an effect with a combination of Slim Jeans and Black Short Boots that are very popular in year 2016.

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