Liquid Eyeliners & how to use liquid eyeliners for beginners

If you use a liquid eyeliner, your eyes will become more cute. We will show you how to use liquid eyeliner & recommended tutorials.

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Eyeliners are difficult!!

It is an eyeliner that makes your eyes look big and attractive, but most girls are not good at it.

Therefore, it is likely to get the same eyeliner and line. So we will introduce how to use eyeliner, from feature and types of eyeliners.

1. "Liquid eyeliner"

① Features of Liquid

Liquid type, Liquid eyeliner have a shape like a brush pen. It is recommended when you want to finish the exterior of the eye with a sharp line.

Although it is a known that you can not correct or blur if you draw once.

First of all, try drawing on the back of the hand and you will find it easier to paint by adapting the brush tip and color development.

② How to choose an eyeliner for beginners

How to choose liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner has a brush pen, but beginners normally choose a brush pen type that is easy to use.

If the tip is thin, it is recommended because it can be drawn with a single line.

In addition, it is also important point whether Liquid has merit of good coloring and can blend easily!

Let's check on the hands using a tester in advance to see if it adapts to your skin color.


③ How to use liquid eyeliner to draw a line

The liquid line is not trying to draw as a stretch. First of all you adjust the brush tip thinner

It is the best to divide it into three parts:

1. The corner of the eyes
2. The inner corner of the eyes, and
3. the outer part of the honey.

Let's pull out the brush almost horizontally to the outside from the outer corner.

It is a success if you can draw a fine line like a single stroke with an eyelash ♡


Eyeliners and how to use them for big eyes

Big eyes are blessings to have, to make them beautiful and attractive eyeliners come into play.

Properly using eyeliners for big eyes can be challenging task too. I recommend to check out v-blog by _israa_ on instagram and youtube.

How To Create "The Perfect Winged Eyeliner" by @_israa_

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