Stepped Hem Jeans for long legs with heels and sneakers

What is stepped hem jeans and how do they look on legs with high heels. From Ultra Stretch Jeans to designing process of stepped hem jeans for comfort

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Comfortable Ultra stretch jeans

The Ultra Stretch Jeans tightens to stick to the legs while stretching to a surprising degree.

Ultra Stretch Jeans combines wearing comfort and outstanding leg effect. Some people say that there are is a good fan following of ultra stretch jeans.

A new cut-off denim was released from popular Ultra stretch jeans. "Stepped hem" has a plenty of sense of designing processing like a step with different cuts back and front ♡

A steady feeling of mood

When you wear stepped hem, you can see firmly from the ankle to the instep of the feet.

So if you join it with the pumps of your heels, it looks outstandingly beautiful, combined with Ultra Stretch Jeans' legs effect

Cut from the front side is unbalanced but unique.

Denim on denim tends to blend in with stepped hem, and it seems to be stylishly dressed.

Since Ultra Stretch Jeans grows to the extent that it does not look to be denim, it is good to wear a little larger size of ultra stretch jeans.

Trying this on is essential.

It is outstandingly compatible with casual Coat combined with sneakers.

Since the thinnest of ankle is emphasized, the balance in whole looks beautiful without rolling up.

If you match denim with high-cut shoes, it is easy to get around the ankle, but you can wear it cleanly if you put on stepped hem.

You feel a sense of fashion into the atmosphere, when only the back of the jeans is roughly routed in.

Who says, you have to go the full length. Demin Skirts upto the knees can also be step cut for your preference

What you need for Denim stepped hem coordination?

It should be rich in comfort. Please leave Ultra stretch comfort as it is, and plus it with a step cut

Sense of trend and fashion will come by all means!!

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