7 NOT To Do Habits If You're Trying To Lose Weight

The habit we go casually has a big influence on your body shape. Perhaps it is hard to lose weight, because of bad lifestyle

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Because of that lifestyle, I can not lose weight!

Even if you go on a diet it is not easy to lose weight, perhaps your lifestyle is not good. If you want to lose weight efficiently, let's begin by reviewing our daily habits.

Have you acted like the following habits normally? Please check how many are applicable.

1. Stomach and eating (overeating)

My stomach gets stiff when I finish eating, my clothes get stiff, my belly is not empty. It is proof that I am eating too much. Let's finish the habit of eating until the limit!

Chew well so you get full early!

The belly bone is a very important habit for health. If you chew well and eat it, you can see that enough stomach is satisfied even with about half of usual amount. Let's eat while conscious thinking about your belly buttons!

2. drink plenty of water during a meal

Drinking water is good for a diet, so do you drink even during meals? Actually, I can not recommend it much.


If you take too much moisture before, after, or during a meal, the enzyme in the stomach will dilute and it will lead to indigestion.

If you drink it, let's keep it a cup. Please refresh hydration firmly between meals.

3. I do not let go of the smartphone

There are an increasing number of women who will not let go of their smartphones even during meals, but that is also one of the hardest habits!

While eating, there is a tendency to get too satisfied with eating too much. Your posture will collapse as well.


Slim people do not have to eat, they taste well and they can satisfy with an appropriate amount of meal. It is also important to correct your posture and eat it so that you feelings will tell you that you are now full.

4. Play with friends, drinking in a party

I can not look down enough on the calories of alcohol! It is a good thing to get together with friends and have a good meal, but people who drink too much should always be cautioned.


It is also important to watch a movie at home, have a cup of tea at a fancy cafe, drink a glass at the bar, and change your taste.

Let's find a hobby you can enjoy with friends, other than heavy drinking

5. Sleeping on holidays

Holidays is a day when I'm stuck all the way in bed.

It becomes difficult to lose weight. Those who do not do anything but do not get fat is because they are working well on holidays too!

Even if you do not exercise, you just enjoy walking around in shopping mall or going to an event that can increase activity.

As the biological clock is also set, so that it can get upright even on Monday morning.

6. I can not afford to loose morning time!

People who are asleep until the last minute of your morning, will naturally have no time to sit down slowly and for long in the toilet.

There is no chance for a natural excretion, and the next day will make the intestinal environment worse and worse!


It is not just bowel problems. A good woman in style, morning is the time of beauty!

I drink plain hot water and lightly stretch and spend the day comfortably. Let's start by getting up early 10 minutes first.

7. We are not looking directly at the weight

Do you know your current weight, body fat? Are you looking at the whole body and checking your body shape back to the mirror

If you do not know the current situation, you can not grasp whether your are is fat or fit!

First of all let's know your condition firmly. Then start to become thin! By understanding daily changes, motivation will last long.

Let's improve from what I can do!

There is always a cause to be hard to lose weight. If you want to be more beautiful than you are now, want to have confidence, please review these seven habits by all means. You should be more attractive

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