Did Dr Watson cheat in Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Episode 1?

Sherlock Holmes - The six thatchers, left unanswered questions of Dr Watson secretly having an affair just after the birth of first daughter Rosie.

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Dr Watson and the Girl first conversation

Seems to me she is totally hitting on Dr Watson..here

Lets see what Dr Watson said next..

Flirtatious stuff between Dr John Watson and the mysterious girl

She keeps on going while she played with her hair.

Nice Eyes

- Mysterious Girl

What made Dr John Watson Blush!

Mysterious Texts messages sent by Dr John Watson

She: It’s been too long

Dr Watson: I know. Sorry.

She: Miss you.

Dr Watson: You’re up late.

She: Or early.

Dr Watson: Night owl?

She: Vampire.

Dr Watson: :)

A smile by John Watson just when the girl replied "Vampire".

That was an adorable smile if you ask me.

What happens after late night texts exchange between John Watson and Girl

This isn’t a good idea.
I’m not free.
Things won’t end well.
It was nice to get to know you a little.
I’m sorry.

- John Watson Replied next morning

Soon after Dr Watson gets off the bus. The mysterious girl was waiting outside

with hopeful eyes

Next again, same adorable smile that Dr Watson gave to the mysterious girl


When Dr Watson decided to open up to Mary but got interrupted by Sherlock's text

What do you think?

We could wait and find it out in next episodes in season 4.

Sherlock: What did those mysterious texts REALLY mean?

There may be more to this than meets the eye…contains spoilers

Who is Elizabeth in Sherlock: The Six Thatchers?

Just who is the mysterious Miss E? Is she friend… or foe?


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