"I will not work hard" on hair! Quickly get cute hair

If you put too much fuss into hair and makeup, it becomes outdated soon. Now I try not to look attractive!!

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I want a more comfortable feeling

Natural makeup & hair that are not decorative is the current trend.

1. No Makeup

Mainly moisturizing the skin!

First of all, I want to cherish my face as it is a bare skin.

Therefore, let's spend most of the time on moisturizing face

If you are concern about drying, then it is also recommended to use a face pack in morning.

Finish the skin brightly by controlling the color, finish it thinly by applying the foundation. Thick coating is not good!

There is no need to forcibly hide pimples with a concealer! If you are concerned about dullness, you can use the foundation with shine in it.

Eye make up with 70% of power, save 30% of your time

It's an eye make-up that makes the mood, but when the season is not too strong. Let's finish with just about 70%

For example, eye line, please pull short from the end of the black eyes to the outer corner of the eye.

Especially in the case of double backing, it gives an effect to the eyes that look impressive. Do not raise your eyelashes too much.

Finish with skin color

Skin color (earth color) familiar to the skin is nice. Choose a gentle color like earth or leaf than using a dark one.

Just like lips, please treat the texture and moisture on face carefully. Let combine colors with lip and bring it together.

2. Not working hard on hair

If you roll it using straight iron

If u want to make curling hair, try switching to a straight iron! It gets finished in a more gentle curl than a winding with iron.

Put the blades across the ends of the bristles and wind it outer or inner

You do not need to put too much strength.

Tie your hair back

It looks perfectly tight when looseness is missing, and the sense of fashion is uplifted.

You can also make it rough, such as twisting and holding, turning around as a group and making dumplings.

OK - with no wax or oil

Try finishing hair arrangement with least oil or wax. It gives a slight glossy and healthy finish.

If you use wax, let's just massage a small amount lightly at the tip of the hair. It is Not Good that you want to make it wet and sticky.

It is ideal that there is softness when touched.

You can become more cute with less effort

Do not try to perfectly finish, because you want to be "little cute". Try to match it as close to nature as possible

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