What is the disadvantage of going out with tall boyfriend.

Though height alone can add high points to personality of a man but the fact is that the height itself becomes disadvantage when u go out with him.

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Men with a high height alone are high in points, but in fact they are disadvantage due to high stature if you go out with them!
Although I am proud of you, I will introduce the disadvantage of a high-height boyfriend who does not know without trying to associate.

Disadvantages of tall boyfriend

① Voice is difficult to hear

The first disadvantage of a tall boyfriend is that you cant catch his voice, so do not feel comfortable in conversation and repeatedly want to clarify what he is saying.

Secondly, while standing, you can't have face to face conversation with him and also you can't read his face expressions.


Disadvantages of tall boyfriend

② Pace does not match

The pace of life will change if the size of the physique is different.
For example, speed of eating and speed of walking.

A man with a large body eats a fair amount quickly, and often he / she does not fit easily even if asking "walk slowly".

People who can enjoy the difference in such pace are suitable for height difference couple.

Disadvantage of tall boyfriend

③ Opinion will change if visibility changes

When height changes from 15 to 25 cm or more from him, it is often seen as a height difference couple from the appearance.

As the world that looks different will also be different, the opinion will change.
Even if it says "Why can not you see?", He can not be seen because he is taller ... ....

Because I got a high tall boyfriend, it is hard to point out that a strange crack in the hairstyle is pointed out or a high-level room cleaning check is done!

Disadvantage of tall boyfriend

④ Treated as a child

High Height, when viewed from point of view of a boyfriend, she tends to be seen as "cute" with a low height.

It is up to her whether she accepts that cute obediently or be a childish or she gets an inferiority complex because of low height.

A woman who is not good at being thought of as childish may not be suitable for high boyfriend's boyfriend.

Also, if you are referring to her as "cute as it is small," you also can not notice the equal relationship.

It is wrong to say that the height shows human equality, but if there are men who are funny thinking, there may be a possibility of being seen below.

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