Women's new perfumes and fragrances this summer 2017

Fall winter Cosmetics are on sale one after another this year. This time, we introduce the fascinating fragrances.

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Fascinating fragrances appear one after another

New cosmetics are on sale one after another, such as new autumn and winter works.

There are many people who are checking makeup items finely But have u checked the Fragrances?

These days, not only cosmetics but also a lot of fragrances appealing item from each brand appear.

Do not get caught in the fragrance as well So why not get the girlfriend that is different from surroundings in this autumn / winter?

Check autumn new works by brand


Two new fragrances that appeared from Prada on October 1, "Prada Fem" and "Prada Homme".

Prada Fem is for women and Prada Homme is for men. Both the fragrances are "complementary to each other" like the "men and women who are made for each other".

② Christian Louboutin

From Christian Louboutin, an extremely popular brand among women, the first women's fragrance was released in September.

All scents are "Bikini Questa Sera", "Tornado Blonde", "Trouble In Heaven" all three types.

The design of the bottle is twisted as turning the inside outwards. It is designed to move as if the liquid inside is alive. A fragrance lover must try it once. The packing of bottle and fragrance are very tempting.


In Loewe, a new fragrance labeled "001" appeared. There are two types of fragrances for "Woman" and "Man".

A simple shape bottle and wooden cap are fine impression.

The fragrance here became a strong work for Loewe to say that we spent considerable time on this project. They use the same top notes for both types and can enjoy a different smell in men and women each time.


Since 1946, a new fragrance collection that is the first in 70 years has appeared from Louis Vuitton. Its name is "Les Parfan Louis Vuitton", which expresses a journey full of emotions is a total of seven line types.

A perfumer traveled all over the world, it seems to have been inspired by the different cultures and rare scents of different places. Each fragrance seems to be deployed variously, traveling spray and miniature set.


In Bottega Veneta, "Ausen shuel" appeared on September 7th. Based on the brand's representative work of eau de parfum "Bottega Veneta", it is finished in a scent with plus a youthful sensual mood.

To the "Bottega Veneta" full of plenty of forests and flowers, this work incorporates a note of suede which is full of peach and luxury newly, it becomes an aroma with an accent. A simple and mature bottle of pink and black is also attractive.

Let's aim for "a smell until a fragrance"

They are all attractive items that have none or even just decorate them in the room. It is recommended for those who want to raise the woman better than now or those who want to change the mood slightly. Why do not you try it?

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