4 rules to live comfortably in a small house

I live in the center of the city & the living space is inevitably narrow. So this time lets share the secrets of comfortable living in small house.

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Narrow houses lack comfort ...

I feel cramped that it is somehow home

Is it that many people feel that living alone in a studio apartment and living in the city center lacks comfort due to limited living space?

Nonetheless, it is rather difficult to move to a large house or expand the living space from the viewpoint of inconvenience and cost.

Let's know the rules of comfortable house making!

Rule 1: Reduce furniture

"Somehow necessary?" Is unnecessary - FOR LIVING ROOM

Is there any furniture in your house somewhat? It is also important to think about once, once you really need large furniture such as sofas, center tables, shelves and TV stands.

First be choosy in purchasing furniture. Instead use convertible furniture like sofa-cum-bed that too with boxes for storing pillow blankets in day hours, Center table can be used as dining table also. Keep some compact set of stools low in height so that they can be used to sit when guests arrive and be pushed beneath the center table when not in use. As the number of large furniture decreases, the space of the room spreads, Hang the TV on the wall. Make space for books and placing items like books etc by installing shelves on the walls in a creative manner. A ward rob with few drawers be attached on the wall so as to avoid wastage of space.

Rule 2: Periodically discard it

And also suppress your greed for collection of cloths. Just buy the two or three dresses in fashion, use them throw them and go for the new collection just 2 or 3.

Make a habit not to store things you do not need

First avoid collecting things which you find cheap in season ending sales what if the deals are tempting. And avoid to collect the things which you are not going to use for the forthcoming 3-4 months. For eatables just purchase the things you are going to use within 2-3 days. This will prevent wastage of things as well as money also.

Is there anything you do not use such as accessories and clothes in the house? In addition to furniture, it is basically a comfortable lifestyle to regularly abandon and detach these items.

Let's review things that are in the house once a month, at least once every three months as much as possible, and carry out drastic exclusion. Also, we recommend that you decide the number of items such as clothes and shoes on hand and put on a habit of disposing if it exceeds it.

Rule 3: Storage functionally

Utilize storage capacity by making full use of depth and height

In small houses storage space is also narrow and it is often not enough. In such a case, apply DIY to the existing space and let the storage power go up.

Especially because the depth and height are not often used, the point is to make effective use of dead space at DIY. There are many articles that summarizes such storage and DIY tips also in Locate, so please try to refer.

Rule 4: Do not buy daily necessities collectively

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