Variations of colored contact lenses!

Maybe you sometimes wanna change your feelings by changing eye color, Check this to see the variations of cosmetic contact lenses!!

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Black colored contact lenses will make your eyes look cuter, and make you feel little more Asian;)


Maybe many of you already have beautiful brown eyes.. But there are still variety of browns! Wear brown colored contact lenses when you want to feel little bit different from usual but naturally:)


Green also has many types. But basically green lenses also can change your eyes naturally!!


Gray eyes would make your face look little softer. And your eyes would give cooler impressions than usual!


Blue colored contact lenses varies. Depends on the "blue" they can be natural, but also can be artificial. And they can be cool and sexy. But if you wanna feel "unusual", blue color is recommended!


Violet colored contact lenses look artificial, of course. But violet eyes will give you mysterious charm;)! Also you can use those contact lenses for special occasions like halloween!

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