Why Indians loose hair? It's the choice of Shampoo and Oil

Indian Men and in some cases a few women start loosing hair starting age of 25 and a few even early. Here are a things that you have got it all wrong

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Why you should switch to a silicone-free shampoo | Green People Blog

Every wondered why your hair products seem to stop working for your hair? Discover silicone-free shampoos and conditioners with Green People.

Why use a Silicone Free Shampoo?

Why use a Silicone Free Shampoo? Women that switched to a silicone-and sulfate free shampoo noticed that the hair looked very dry and dull at first

I Went Without Shampoo And Silicones For A Month And Now I Have Mermaid Hair

Stop Using Oil on your Already Oily Scalp

It is a myth in India that using some "herbal" oil helps you grow or at least prevent hair. Sorry, to say but you or your ancestors have got it all wrong.

First reason for hair loss is due to extra oily scalp. Putting oil on that head just makes it worst.

Washing your hair two or three times a week strips away layers of product and excess oil.


Going Overboard With Silicones

10 Ways You're Ruining Your Hair

When all the shea butter and coconut oil in the world can't revive your broken (or frizzy or dull or...) hair, it's time to start playing some damage-control offense. Here are the ten hair-trashing habits you need to quit cold turkey.

Just remember that using any kind of hair serum or oil (many of which contain more silicones than actual oils) is a bit like happy hour: Get too enthusiastic and you'll have a big, sloppy mess on your hands.


Prolonged use of Helmet, tight Caps or Hats

Prolonged use of Helmet, Caps or Hats on the head is another no no if you are on the verge of loosing hair or have thin hair.

While caps look cool and Helmet is must for your safety while driving. Make sure you come back home safe and take shower as soon as you can to let the head and hair breathe.

Forgetting to Shampoo your Hair at Night

YOU MUST SHAMPOO your HAIR and take at least 2 mins to massage your scalp

Do not forget to shampoo your hair before you sleep. That ways it cleans your scalp and hair prevention can be done just by putting this into your daily habit,

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