Lifestyle which raises the metabolism!

The energy that is consumed without basic exercise is basal metabolism. I will talk about few points and methods that will give you basic metabolism.

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It is easy to gain weight and is difficult to lose weight.

Once in a while, I did not get fat even I ate a lot. If you feel like that "basal metabolism" has fallen, there is a possibility that it became a constitution which became fat. I will talk about six points and methods that will give you basic metabolism.

6 points to raise metabolism

For subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, the method of attaching fat and the ease of burning are different. Visceral fat is fat attached to the inner surface of the stomach and the internal organs. Men and postmenopausal women tend to attach, but it is advantageous that they are easy to burn.

On the other hand, subcutaneous fat is fat under the skin of the whole body. If you pinch your stomach with your fingers it is subcutaneous fat. It is easy for women and children to gain fat, and it is difficult to burn it once it arrives. Subcutaneous fat is easily attached to the buttocks and thighs.

To lower subcutaneous fat, increase basal metabolism. Approximately 60% of the whole fat is consumed by basal metabolism even if it is kept still. It is important to review the lifestyle that is a factor that will lower the basal metabolism and raise the basal metabolism.

① Let's not eat a non-balanced meal

Since 27% of basal metabolism is consumed in the liver, basal metabolism decreases when liver function decreases. The liver is responsible for turning sugar and fat into energy and detoxifying alcohol.
Vitamin B1 is often contained in pork, brown rice, natto, etc. Vitamin B2 is contained in liver, eels, etc. a lot.

Top 10 Foods Highest in Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

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② Try to move your body as much as possible

18% of basal metabolism is consumed by muscle. Therefore, a decrease in muscle mass due to lack of exercise leads to a decrease in basal metabolism. In order to raise the basal metabolism, let's exercise periodically because it is not necessary for intense exercise.

Burn Calories While You Sleep

Boost your metabolism in less time than it takes to get through your before-bed skincare routine.


Instead of suddenly pushing and exercising, let's try to devise a way to move the body as much as possible as described above. By acquiring the habit of gradually moving the body, it is possible to increase metabolism and calorie consumption

③ Let's make your body warm

Basal metabolism is also used to maintain body temperature. When body temperature is low, the amount of heat generated for maintaining body temperature is low, so the amount of energy consumed also decreases. In order to warm your body, let's take a bath with a shower without showering etc.

Although it is easy to raise the body temperature when you heat the bath temperature, it is recommended that you slowly catch the hot water of 38 degrees to 40 degrees because the burden on the body such as the heart is great.

④ Let's get a good sleep

The human body secretes growth hormone and grows muscle while sleeping. Since growth hormone is secreted during sleep, growth hormone is not sufficiently secreted due to lack of sleep, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass and the basal metabolism decreases.

The important thing is not to just sleep, to get high quality sleep. I can not get tired even when I sleep, I will be out on the train ... Such a possibility that the quality of sleep is low! Let's check your degree of sleep.

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