How to choose "best sunglasses" for girls

Are you looking for sunglasses, we cover sunglasses that can brighten your face and UV protection. Sunglasses for women.

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How to choose "best sunglasses"

Wearing sunglasses is easiest way to cut the harm you get from UV Rays. With this, it gives you a smart look. But choosing a wrong frame can make reverse your personality. So there are some tips to choose a pair right sunglasses for you.

Which sunglasses?

Direct Sun rays can destroy the beauty of your under eye area making you look much order than your actual age. Sunglasses are not only required in summer but its an essential item for every season whether is is spring or winter as your eyes require UV protection in every season.


First you observe the shape of your face and then go to find a sunglasses according to the shape of your face. Here is a quick way to find sunglasses to fascinate you and make you cute and attractive.


Choose a frame different from the outline of your face

Note that choosing a frame similar to the outline of your face will emphasize the outline. If it is a round face, it is correct to choose a shape opposite to the outline, such as a sharp frame

Fit the width of the frame to your face width

Choosing a frame smaller to the width of the face tends to make your face look bigger.

If the frame width should be just enough to accommodate the face width, and eyes it will promote a natural and smart impression.

③ Fit the frame curve to the eyebrow line

Not only the face but also the shape of the eyebrows is an important point of choosing sunglasses.

When the line at the top of the frame of the sunglasses is along the lines of the eyebrows, it looks like a familiar face felt well. When you put it on, it is the best balance that the eyebrow hides a little in the frame

④ Choose "nose pad" with skeleton of your nose

People who have a firm nose are said to be generally looking good on sunglasses.

Even with fixed type & integrated nose pads, it can be applied stably OK.
One with thin nose is recommended sunglass with nose pad. In the case of fixed type, let's choose one with a narrow pad interval.

2. "Shapes selection" by face shape

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