Millions Are Watching This Man Wash A Rs. 2000 Note

Rs. 2000 note feature test

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You know how every time a new iPhone comes out, there are always those few who manage to not only get their hands on the first handsets but also post videos 'testing' their features? They check if the phones are water proof, then they throw them off buildings to see if they survive. Remember how everyone kept bending their iPhone 6 devices when they first came out? Something very similar is happening with the new Rs. 2000 notes.

At a time when several people in the country are scrambling to get their hands on the new currency notes, some are 'testing' them. Case in point, this video showing a man washing a new Rs. 2000 note under running water.

What's even stranger than the 'test' is how this video is going totally viral. Since being shared yesterday, it has already clocked over 5 million views and is also currently trending on YouTube. And this is not the only video that shows the water test - many such are doing the rounds on YouTube and several of these are trending too.

Quality of-NEW Indian Rs 2000 Rupee Notes Quality testing with water-Greatness of indian currency

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