Color has power..? Let's change your life with color!!

Which is your favorite color? In fact, it is said that there is an intimate relationship between color and personality!!

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If you want to change your personality, it is also important to change your habit, but one thing is to borrow the power of color :) It is said that there is a close relationship between color and personality.

First, let's know what color you like

Favorite color is the color that you feel comfortable to see and it differs by person. Since the color itself has its proper meaning, let's start with knowing the basic character from your favorite color first!

Basic character to see by your favorite color

White: strong sense of justice, ideal is also high. One aspect that does not affect others' opinions.

Black: with sharp sensibility and sense. Cannot quite tell the trouble to people.

Red: Represents vitality, energy and behavior. Emotional unevenness tends to be intense and emotional instability.

Blue · Navy: Intellectual and smart. Self-esteem is a type that becomes strongly and prosperous.

Pink: There is a romantic tender and gentle tendency. On the other hand, the dependence heart is strong and it is a sweetboy.

Purple: owner with aesthetic sense and delicate sensitivity. Also being ridiculed as a self-hatred shop.

Orange: service spirit energetic. However, it tends to have good face to anyone because it is vulnerable to loneliness.

Green: a gentle pacifism type. It is easy to care for people and to accumulate stress.

Yellow: Intellectual curiosity is strong, but also sometimes act selfishly behave when tired.

Brown: calm and conservative. There are aspects that are vulnerable to sudden changes in the environment.

Gray: urban and cool impression. Sometimes it is said that you do not know what you are thinking.

Beige: Although it can respond flexibly, it is easy to be swayed by others.

How to incorporate color power?

1. Try changing the color of clothes

"Clothes" which is also an important point in the first impression is the easiest way to change the image. If the closet is dark and only the same color, try daringly try different clothes here.

Red when you want to be healthy, pink when you want to appeal to kindness, yellow when you want positiveness, green when you are in poor physical condition, green, etc. Try to compensate for missing items by yourself with reference to the above colors I recommend it.

2. New tone underwear

Those who think "Wearing a bright color suddenly needs the courage" should change from the color of underwear that people can not see. If you attach a color that you have never had before, the resistance will gradually become thinner against the color of clothes.

3. Incorporate colors into accessories

It is also recommended to incorporate colors into small items such as smartphone covers, wallets, bags, key holders, etc that you usually use often. Maybe you can make the color of the image you like with a power stone and replace it with a charm?

4. Change makeup

Eye shadow etc in makeup is one of items which can easily change image. If you want to give a gentle impression use soft fluffy pink, when you want to be a cool woman at work, try using brown.

5. Change the interior of the room

The color of the space we spend in the house is also important. It is difficult to change all the interior, but it is recommended to change it from the color of the curtain that can change the image at once. In addition, small items such as room wear, cushions, slippers and so forth have unified feeling ◎.

Why do not you supplement the energy you think is not enough for yourself using color? If you really wanted to change yourself, imagine your own ideal of what you want to be, and let's enjoy using colors as much as you enjoy ♡

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