How to get started writing articles on MATOME..?

Hello new MATOME users♡! We will explain what is matome and how to start writing on Matome India

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What does it mean to write an Article?

What is a Good Summary/Article?

In short, an article that is not too long to read and not too short to get discovered.

We follow one simple rule.

At least 4 pics in your article that can summarize what is it you want to say.

Become a writer now and start earning. Summarize news articles, blogs and your favorite trending topics | Matome India

MATOME.co.in provides latest articles and information put in one place. You can share it with friends or write one on your own. https://matome.co.in

You are able to post all kinds of things on Matome India, including photographs, messages and other content...
Check category! They might give you some ideas of what you want to write:)

Simply, matome means summary.
The concept of this service is to obtain comprehensive information at once.
Have you ever felt like you spent too much time on searching different websites just to konw about one topic? Matome india is for those of you!!
So... in other words, matome means comprehensive information.

Okay, let's make your account and start writing!

You ll be taken to a login page, if you haven't logged in yet and set up a username and profile for Matome

Then please login with either facebook or twitter account.
Don't worry, although you login with your personal accounts, you can choose to write anonymously.

Welcome to matome india! Now you only have to click "New Summary" button

How to write?

Adding Title and Summary

After you click on "New Summary" button, you will see screen like this.
As you can see, almost everything is as it is written!

Adding Images

Once you click on thumbnail, you will see this.
You can put pictures on your laptop, you can bring pictures fron other websites, and you can also search on thumblr and flickr.

Or, more simply, you can put pictures on the body part and click on "Use THUMBNAIL" button, and it will be thumbnail picture:)

Searching and Adding Youtube/Twitter/Instagram is easy as One Click

You can either use a search option or directly add using a link

Adding A Tweet

Adding Youtube

Adding Instagram

Automatic summarization tools

We support generation of automatic summary from a given url. Click the Quote icon and enter the url. We use the following algorithms to generate an automatic summary for that url.

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