Top quotes by Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's top quotes. 'I learned how important it is to entertain people and give them a reason to come and watch you play.' 'I'll never feel comfortable taking a strong drink, and I'll never feel easy smoking a cigarette. I just don't think those things are right for me.'

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I learned how important it is to entertain people and give them a reason to come and watch you play.

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I'll never feel comfortable taking a strong drink, and I'll never feel easy smoking a cigarette. I just don't think those things are right for me.

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I've tried to lead a straight, clean life, not set any kind of a bad example.

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I knew by heart all the dialogue of James Dean's films; I could watch Rebel Without a Cause a hundred times over.

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I hope I didn't bore you too much with my life story.

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Those people in New York are not gonna change me none.

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A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It's my favorite part of the business, live concerts.

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Rhythm is something you either have or don't have, but when you have it, you have it all over.

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Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.

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Whatever I will become will be what God has chosen for me.

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Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.

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I think I have something tonight that's not quite correct for evening wear. Blue suede shoes.

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I did the Ed Sullivan show four times. I did the Steve Allen show. I did the Jackie Gleason show.

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The Lord can give, and the Lord can take away. I might be herding sheep next year.

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From the time I was a kid, I always knew something was going to happen to me. Didn't know exactly what.

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When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream.

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I'm strictly for Stevenson. I don't dig the intellectual bit, but I'm telling you, man, he knows the most.

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Until we meet again, may God bless you as he has blessed me.

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Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can't help but move to it. That's what happens to me. I can't help it.'

Top quotes by Elvis Presley-https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/b7/22/61/b7226189e12bea1e8ed0a6007dd10d78.jpg

I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around.

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