December is pretty cute Christmas nail design collection for Girls

Speaking of events in December is Christmas. This time we will introduce Christmas nails that can enjoy the season's mood. From the three kinds of Christmas trees.

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The protagonist of December is Christmas


Halloween passed too, the protagonist of December is Xmas ♡
Nail design was also in the season,
I want to enjoy cute things.

■ Three kinds of Christmas design

Christmas designs in December

This time I will introduce three Christmas nail designs popular among girly school. Why do not you spend your days cute December?

■ 1. Tree Nail

Designed with a white base nail studded with hearts and star holograms. The design which drew a Christmas tree has no complaints of glitteriness ♡

It is irresistible pink tree nail to like girly. The design of Christmas color is nice, but my eyes will go to pink color too.

If it is a pastel color Christmas tree, it is likely to be permitted even after the event day ♡ We also recommend winter pastel tree nails.

Nail design with girly cats drawn. To the attractive red color, gold part matching is actually directing a Christmas-like atmosphere. For the middle finger, you are wearing parts that are conscious of the cat's collar.

Mirror nail fashionable in autumn and winter 2016. If you incorporate it in French design, it is completion of the tree nail holding the sparkle. The stars decorated at the top of the tree are shining.


■ 2.Lease Nails

The second motif indispensable for Christmas is lease nail. It is an item to decorate on the front door or the wall of the room.

Circular round shaped with flowers and ribbons

For the design of Christmas lease, it is recommended to finish it up as a gorgeous nail by arranging the order. It looks like snowfall is like winter seems nice.

Nail color of light pink beige, gold lease nail. Try putting your initials or initials of people you like in the middle ♡ The design that you spread is attractive.

The leather nail of mat texture is compatible with pastel blue ◎ The lease is also made of silver, there is sense of unity.

■ 3. Present・Gift nail


The last is a gift nail. A gift essential for Christmas is a gift that Santa brings.

An impressive design with a ribbon hung like a present box. A combination of Christmas colors will boost the season's mood.


Lovely Lovely Christmas


December adopted Christmas design
Please enjoy the lovely nail ♡

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