Artificial Intelligence, ban or atleast establish A.I. ethic board

Artificial Intelligence in short AI, has made advances in last 1 year alone. Experiments that weren't possible before with traditional computing are now made possible with AI. Should there be a rule on using AI?

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How much AI has progressed?

What is Artificial Intelligence? Where did it come from? and where do we stand with A.I now..

★ Deep Learning

■ Dated: 2016
"Alpha Go" now owned by google, has beaten human mind in the most difficult chinese game "go".

DeepMind’s dramatic victory over legendary Go player Lee Se-dol earlier today is a huge moment in the history of artificial intelligence, and something many predicted would be decades away.

"I was very surprised," says Lee. "I didn't expect to lose. I didn't think AlphaGo would play the game in such a perfect manner."

Cited: Verge

Alpha go's shocked experts in the artificial intelligence community.

Many thought such an event was at least a decade away.


Alpha Go's showed that Machine mimics the process of human brain


Game of "Go" has millions and millions of moves, and it is computationally impossible to calculate to calculate all the possible moves.

These are the problems that cannot be solved, but once given a solution, can be verified. Take jigsaw puzzle as an example.

Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to solve a few of them in past decade.

Like the once where: Artificial Intelligence Recreates Nobel Prize-Winning Physics Experiment - In ONE Hour

“I didn’t expect the machine could learn to do the experiment itself, from scratch, in under an hour,” said co-lead researcher Paul Wigley, of the Australian National University Research School of Physics and Engineering, in a statement.


"Alpha Go" became the benchmark to do such a task from scratch is a huge leap

It is instinctive and intuition agreed with the move

This is all good. But can AI learn the Stock Market and crash it in a Day?

It very much sounds like a movie where good guys and bad guys both are tracking down a computer chip to not get in the wrong hands.

Not at present

Current Truth of A.I.

Algorithms are going to advance faster than predicted, it will so as the hardware and research investments allow it to go further,

Don't forget that
▶ Alan Turning: who is considered to the father of artificial intelligence.
▶ A.I. existed long before. John McCarthy (who first coined the term AI in 1955)

Even tho I love the movie Terminator...


I think we are long way to that discussion on machine is going to take over us and the world we live in. Although I have an intuition that robots would be contributing nevertheless I have an optimistic concern.


Final Thoughts

I ll leave the answers to you in the comments sections below...

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