New common sense of fashion is "Sleeve On Clock"? NEXT boom in India

It is natural to watch a wrist below the sleeve. It is "sleeve on clock" that has become common sense of new stylish.. . As its name suggests, wearing a wrist watch from the top of the sleeve is fashionable, the boom is starting to arrive smoothly.

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Today I am going to take a look on watch fashion that is going to be the next boom this winter..

① Conventional common sense
② New Fashion Trend - Watch over the sleeve

Wear a wrist watch from the top of the sleeve?

We ❤ It

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"Sleeve On Clock" is raising the name recognition among fashionable people, mainly on social media.

This time I will thoroughly investigate how to add such a new watch .. ♡

Still Premature...

① Conventional common sense


It is a matter of ways to wear a watch, "It's something to wear under the clothes".

② New Fashion Trend - Watch over the sleeve

It is "sleeve on clock" to overthrow such common sense. It is fancy that this way of fashion spreading smoothly among fashionable people.

Could be an arrival of a boom.

Dare to lower down the watch from the top of the sleeve!!

The combination of black x gold watch is finished in an adult impression.


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Final Thoughts

We think it looks elegant and new fashion trend can be take on this winter, especially around new Delhi which is known to be cold.

Nice look at a cafe or together with your friends hanging out in school


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