Matome Sample (what is matome?)

Everyone is welcomed to write MATOME articles @matome.co.in. ...but what is "matome"? Here's the sample of matome.

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Matome means "Various information put together at one place".
The concept of "matome" is that you can check various information about certain thing "At One Place".

Yes and No. Matome doesn't mean you summarize the information and explain that in one sentence.

You don't have to summarize the information, all you have to do is just collect information. ?

For example, if I wanna write a matome of my articles...↓

Matome of articles written by @matome-girl

History of Brangelina | Matome India

What happened to one of the biggest Hollywood couple?

Funny but cute puppy pics | Matome India

I'll tell you my secret...I sometimes look at puppy pics when I'm exhausted because they can make me smile;) and I know I'm not the only one! haha

Nail inspirations | Matome India

For those nailholic girls!

Energy-efficient Japanese Cars | Matome India

Thinking about buying fuel-efficient Japanese Cars? Here's matome for you!

Katrina Kaif's fashion (casual ver.) | Matome India

Here's matome of Katrina Kaif's casual fashion!

Deepika Padukone's fashion (casual ver.) | Matome India

Here's matome of Deepika Padukone's casual fashion!

MATOME of Bollywood actresses' official twitter & instagram accounts | Matome India

List of Bollywood actresses' twitter and instagram accounts links! (only "official" ones!)

TOMATO DIET~eating extra tomatoes will help you lose weight! | Matome India

Did you know that tomatoes can help you losing weight and antiaging? Not only having benefits for your health, but also having much benefits for your beauty! Just to eat more tomatoes... how easy is this!!


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