This video shows how gummy candies are made - and it's unsettling

There are some images you simply cannot sear from your memory, no matter how hard you try. And now, for anyone with a sweet tooth, that list now includes the revolting method behind how gummy candies are brought into existence.

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Warning: It's next-level terrifying.

The overly-curious minds at Over Eten TV recently shared a behind-the-scenes video about how gelatin is made, and it's not for the faint of heart. The clip begins at the very end of the process—when a woman has just taken a bite of a gumdrop—and works backwards to show viewers exactly what goes into producing each piece of candy.

Over eten De weg van een snoepje

With no words, just some unsettling techno music to guide viewers, each frame reveals an increasingly horrific truth about the treats. To start, pigs are sanitized and roasted before having their skin peeled off. Then, batches of the flesh are fed into a machine that turn the skin into a clear, congealed goop. From there, the gelatin is separated into strings and miraculously transformed it into chewy bits of bite-sized candy. Sounds appetizing, right?

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