Selection of 8 great powerful Happy New Year countdowns.

You wish to go overseas this year or someday want to go? This time I will introduce new year celebrations and countdowns of various parts of world.

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New Year Countdowns

This season has come this year as well.
It is the almost the end of the year 2016. And families are already planning to spend this year overseas and can't wait to being the new year celebrations and experience the countdown.

You may as well spend your time at home, but this year
Why do not you go to overseas powerful countdown?

or.. Someday you plan a trip and here are a 8 famous overseas countdowns!

1. New York (USA)


Speaking of a place famous for countdown.
Times Square, the center of New York, USA.

In order to see this countdown, a lot of people visited from all over the world, the number is said to be estimated more than 1 million people.


At the same time as the new year, confetti snow falls and fireworks rush. The scenery where the confetti of Times Square celebrates new year itself!

Times Square is one of the best in the world for its new year countdown event, so people stand at the venue starting at around 15 o'clock.

2. Moscow (Russia)


Such a countdown in Moscow, New year Fireworks striking behind the Kremlin
Very beautiful scenery spreads out that looks stunning and a dream world.

It's a very cold in Moscow during the end of the year. And photos cannot fully justify the beauty of the new year fireworks without being present there a feel it from the eyes and skin.

That is how to Moscow New Year Countdown is celebrated.

3. London (UK)


London's celebration is around the Big Ben with the fireworks around it.
It is also a specialty, and many people go to watch this fireworks. I will visit you London someday ♡

The collaboration between Big Ben and fireworks is really beautiful and luxurious.
It is a perfect place for the beginning of the next year.


Next, I want to check the world, I will introduce rest of the top new year countdowns all at once!

New year Countdowns in the world Introduced at once!

4. Dubai

Many fireworks brighten the city brightly on stage in the world's tallest skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" (Burj Khalifa).


5. Hong Kong


Speaking of Hong Kong around new year's eve, it is a night view of Victoria Harbor.
The countdown where it set in there is a night view and fireworks
It is very luxurious to enjoy at the same time!

6. Singapore


Speaking of Singapore after all Marina Bay Sands.
Of course, the countdown also attracts a gorgeous director's attention.

The night of Marina Bay Sands is also nice and day is more wonderful than usual.

7. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


In addition, the year-round also rises excitement for Brazil, Rio de Janeiro famous for Rio's carnival.

A big fireworks fires at the hall. Some people get even into the ocean at night.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia's countdown spot is Kuala Lumpur

It may be nice to have a fleeting time there.


Where should I go over this year?

Wish to experience a very nice countdown anywhere is perfect.

Wherever you are adore and have never been once, could be your next spot to go this year and celebrate new year.

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