Ways to prevent split hair ends. Immediately get shiny hair

Apart from drying, dying and perming, there are other reasons which result the split ends. Find out ways to prevent split hair ends and get shiny hair

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How can I manage to reduce the split ends ...!

For this time, I would like to introduce the correct hair care method to reduce split ends, for those who are having trouble with split ends and are in need.


Are you ok? It is not a good behavior if you have "split hair"

A hair has a built up of three layers. It is made of the structure from the medallion (medulla), cortex (fur), cuticle (hair epidermis). The outer layer is cuticle.

If the outer layer, which is called as cuticle creates gaps due to some troubles, the moisture and nutrients stored in the hair will be lost, and the hair will become painful. Main NG behaviors damaged by the cuticle are as follows.

① Frequent perming / coloring

People born with hair quality with thick cuticle parts are less prone to split hair. Also, even with ordinary hair quality, it will be hard to become branched hair if you opt for perming or use chemical coloring. Repeated experiment with hair by perming / coloring result damaging the cuticle which result into split hair.

② Washing using shampoo without foaming

If you are in a habit of just pouring shampoo on your palms and rubbing it on your scalp without wetting the hair, then leave this habit immediately because this habit of yours is a big challenge to your hair.

Finding the Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Thermal-infused? Moisture-locking? The haircare aisle is a baffling place. We asked two star stylists to help us navigate the labels to find the right shampoo for our hair type.


The step wise right way to use a shampoo is -

(1) wet your hair thoroughly,
(2) According to the length of your hair pour the shampoo in a mug or on your palms
(3) Dilute the shampoo with water
(4) when it converts into foam, rub it gently over your head covering the complete scalp.
(5) Message your scalp and gentle rub your hair with the foam.
(6) Finally rinse it off with sufficient water.
(7) Be sure that shampoo is rinsed off completely.

Choosing of appropriate shampoo is also important.It is important. Shampoo with a strong detergent s tend to be short of moisture by washing away lipids and moisture necessary for hair. If you are concerned with split hair, amino acid shampoo is recommended.

③ Gently rub the wet hair with a towel

As mentioned above, the water-wet cuticle is susceptible to damage. Have you wiped the hair with a towel or are you squeezing your hair tightly and squeezing it strongly?

Because the friction between the hair makes it easy for the cuticle to peel off, let's grab the hair lightly with a towel and hit the taunt to take the moisture.

④ Do not use hair dryer for a long time

The cuticle is vulnerable not only to friction but also to heat, so if you continue to heat with a hair dryer for a long time, the cuticle will be turned up and the moisture will be lost, making the hair easier to dry.


This makes the inside of the hair susceptible to damage, causing it to split hair. When using, iron core rule is to separate more than 20 cm. Also, when using irons or ironing irons, be careful not to keep applying for a long time like dryers.

⑤ Naturally dry hair

You need not drying your hair every time with hair dryer. If you have spare time or in leisure mood, let your hair dry by itself. Just gentle squeeze your hair with a towel and when it soaks extra water, leave your hair to get dry under a ceiling fan / natural air. But the meantime do not use hair brush / comb / your fingers to de-tangle them as the wet and semi wet hair get very delicate and will fall if treated harshly.

Avoid going to bed with wet hair

Also, if you go to sleep while your hair are wet or semi-wet, your hair will rub on pillow which can be harmful.

Three countermeasures to prevent split hair

1. Choosing a right comb/brush

Hair comb for split hair

For combs and brushes made of plastic, static electricity is likely to occur, causing damage to the cuticle. When brushing, it is recommended that you comb your hair lightly with wooden comb and brush if possible.

Brushing hair before bathing

De-tangle your hair before washing them. It is advisable if your message your scalp before washing your hair with a good natural oil like coconut oil / sesame oil / olive oil / almond oil or any other you like.

Hair brushes, hair brushes, which one do I choose?

Here are the valuable tips on how to choose the right hair brush according to the texture of your hair. Read on to know the tips at New Love Times


3. Try to live a regular life

If the protein which is also the main ingredient of hair becomes insufficient, it becomes weak hair which is susceptible to damage. Together, it supports hair metabolism, if it lacks vitamins and minerals it also leads to hair loss and split ends.

4 rules to live comfortably in a small house

I live in the center of the city & the living space is inevitably narrow. So this time lets share the secrets of comfortable living in small house. https://matome.co.in


In addition, it is said that irregular living such as night owls and excessive stress makes it difficult for the balance of autonomic nerves to collapse, and it will deteriorate the circulation of the scalp feeding nutrition to the hair. Regular life is also important to raise the body's metabolic abilities.

What are split ends are made of?

I can not return the split ends which I made once, no matter how much I care. However, if you leave it, it will increase pain more and more and you will get rid of your hair, so cut it as soon as you find it.

Cut 5 cm upside down

When processing it by yourself, it is recommended to cut 5 cm above the branching side just beside. There is a possibility that the split hair is damaged besides the branched part, so even if cutting only that part, there is a possibility that it will become split hair immediately.

BEAUTIFUL Long Hair Chopped !!! Long Hair Cut Videos - Haircut Video Hair cutting

BEAUTIFUL Long Hair Chopped !!! Long Hair Cut Videos - Haircut Video Hair cutting BEAUTIFUL Long Hair Chopped !! Very Long Hair Cut Videos - Haircut Video Hair cutting BEAUTIFUL Long Hair Chopped !!! Long Hair Cut Videos Haircut Video Hair cutting


For the scissors you use, a sharp-cut scissors for a sharp home will be good. Cutting it to the side reduces the cross section of the hair, and as a result hair is less likely to be damaged. If the sharpness is bad, be careful as the cross section becomes bumpy.

Let's prevent this behavior once and for all to prevent split hair ♡


Were there many people who unwisely took actions that would cause split hairs? Especially, damage is greatly influenced depending on what you are doing when your hair is wet. Let's learn the habit of reducing split ends from today.


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