Casual gestures for Beautiful women to attract women

The woman is not appreciated just for her appearance. Dignity and common sense are also things that lead women's perfection in order to attract others

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What is a "beautiful" woman in the true sense? Let's focus on women's gestures and tie them together.

I have always admired a woman who is in love with same sex ♡

I want to become a woman who adores not only people from opposite sex but also from same sex!

Admirations are increasing every day. That is because there are dignified beauties that take away eyes of people, unintentionally just from their actions and words.


1. Telling important things directly, not email or text

Do you know that the content of conversation is actually only 30% and the other 70% is influenced by tone, voice tone, expression, etc.

What I really want to tell is that people who talk directly face to face, are more likely to communicate more than over the phone or e-mail.

Smart people make their communication attractive because they have the art to understand the situation and speak words smartly.

2. Use both hands instead of one hand

As you can see, it is more elegant to have them wrapped with both hands than one hand.

For example, when shaking hands with people or when receiving business cards, when handing important documents or gifts.

I felt that my opponent carefully responded when I used both hands rather than one hand. This made me unexpectedly happy ♡


In public places with small children and elderly people, it is important to care for people. You can try switching to reading a newspaper or book instead of always stuck to your smartphone. This can aim for an intellectual beauty!

4. Very elegant opening and closing of the door

The sound of opening and closing the door is one thing I always thought didn't matter much.

An adult woman who is caring, quietly opens and closes the door. Even when you are in a hurry, you do not want to forget the concern that surprises others inside the room. do you?

At Work

5. Listen to the troubles of subordinates and juniors

As people grow up, they tend to forget about how they were when they just joined their company. However, there must be some experience that you can always recall.

A woman who is loved by colleagues, a subordinate, a junior is listening attentively to troubles and thoughts regardless of their work status.

Such a human relationship also becomes an armor that will help you back when it you are low in on your own.

7. Do not forget follow-up

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