How to choose baby first shoes

A new born baby should be brought up just like a tiny plant. Cautions should be taken to choose everything for the kid so is the first shoes of a kid.

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How to choose baby first shoes

Introduction About baby's feet

The baby's foot is underdeveloped, with many gaps in the cartilage and bones, gradually filling in the gaps as the body grows.

On the delicate and soft feet, if you make the kid wear shoes that do not exactly fit, that will adversely affect his entire body and his legs will not grow properly, so be careful while picking up baby shoes.

Shoe for baby's first steps

A soft material close to give the sense of bare feet and does not hinder the movement of the legs

Thickness of sole (shoe sole)

Shoes is necessary to protect the feet from things that may hurt your skin, such as asphalt's heat and stone

The second thing to remember when choosing shoes for a kid, it 's best to use a rubber slip with proper anti-slip, yet not too thin and not too thick.

1. Material and shape of the upper (other than the sole)

Shape of Sole

I often hear the word "baby's shoes are solid with high cuts". Does not it have an influence or an image like a basketball shoe or a mountaineering shoe if it speaks of adults?

The baby learns the hi-hi, cultivates the whole body's axis through the process of development such as grasping → walking walking → toddling walking and wears natural walking balance oneself.

In such a circumstance, when suddenly wearing hard shoes of high cut from the beginning of walking, various parts such as ankle are difficult to bend, and unnatural power and movement are needed. Also, rubbing and pain may occur on delicate skin.

Wearing shoes that have never been worn so far, there are many babies who show resistance inevitably at the beginning, so to prevent such babies from being afraid or disliking shoes, if there are no special problems on the feet with shoes Let's take care not to be too biased towards thinking like correcting or correcting the movement of the ankle.

The material should be soft and light, when it is grounded · It is desirable to have elasticity that allows baby to follow the change in shape when floating, materials with moisture absorption and divergence such as leather are more ideal.

2. The shoe bottom is properly bent at the joint part of the base of the jump

3. Easy to wear as possible, difficult to remove

Because the baby does not keep quietly, it is hard to put on or take off shoes.

That's why if you are wearing slippers like sandals or slipper type things on a daily basis, his feet are clogged with his toes and the chances of leading to various growth problems will increase.

If the shoe opens widely, but its stay firmly if you put it on baby,s feet is ideally good for the baby.

4. Part of the instep fit and toes with a margin of about 5 mm

I often hear the voice saying "My child has thick legs and parts of the instep seems tough."

Of course it is not good to tighten your skin so it hurt, but it is not right to make the part of the instinct fitted tightly, so that your feet do not play back and forth in the shoes (do not slip) .

In that state, it is best that a foot can be moved with a toe so that a space of about 5 to 6 mm in a shoe is possible in the case of a child. When wearing it please push it with your finger from above the shoes or take out the insole and hit it on your feet, please check.

5. Thinking backwards, those with warped toes

Considering the movement of the baby which is easy to stumble with toddlers walking, it is ideal that there is a warp of about 6 to 7 mm in the toes so that stepping back becomes easy .

6. Let's check the inner

Baby shoes inner material

Baby's skin is very delicate. There is a tough change in the inner, the material is hard, and if the irregularities such as seams are many, a burden is placed on the skin. Please feel that it feels as flat as possible and whether the seam is sinking .

Also, check whether it is not too much friction material, whether it is extremely stuffy or sweaty or not slippery.

7. Insole is a flat thing

"What kind of shoes should I choose in order to make the arch properly?" Is often asked. There are people who think that inside shoulders should be worn from the beginning with arch support (the arch portion swells up) in order to form correctly.

However, the baby 's feet are originally flattened, and the formation of the arch starts from about 3 years old, so there is not much point in devising the shape of the insole at the beginning of walking.

When totally walking, the way of balancing is also not perfect unlike adults, so if you intentionally give irregularities with the intention of correcting with the shape of the insoles, there is a worry that it will rather be unstable.

For the formation of an arch of a child, it is better for you to handle a lot of walking processes from hi-hi more well than the shape of the insoles.

So, I think that the baby's insole you start walking is flatIt will be even better if you have a little cushioning so as to ease the shock.

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