History of Brangelina

What happened to one of the biggest Hollywood couple?

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Before they meet

Angelina had twice, and Brad had once married & divorced before.

2004-Fell in love

In 2004, while filming "Mr.&Mrs.Smith", they fell in love.
At that time,
Angelina was a single mother raising 2-years-old child Maddox adopted from Cambodia.
Brad was still married with his first wife Jennifer Aniston.

2005-Brad's divorce and adopting child

In 2005, Brad got divorced.
Angelina and Brad adopted a girl from Ethiopia, and Brad officially became two children's father.


Angelina gave a birth to Brangelina's child in May,2006.
In 2007, they adopted a 3-years-old boy from Vietnam.
In July,2008, Brangelina's twins were born.

2012~2014-engagement & marriage

In 2012, they announced that they got engaged. Brad gave a diamond ring designed by himself to Angelina.
In 2014, they had wedding ceremony in an old castle in Southern France with their beloved 6 children. On Angelina's dress, pictures drawn by children were embroidered.

2015-"by the sea"

In 2015, 10 years after "Mr.&Mrs.Smith", they came back on the same movie again.
"By the sea" is a film written and directed by Angelina.

Sep.19,2016-Angelina applied for divorce

All these years they've looked like a perfect couple&parents, but maybe they have not.
On September 19, 2016 Angelina demanded a divorce to Brad.
But... why? It's been said Brad's alcohol&drug problems, Brad abused children, Brad had affairs...but still unclear.
There's no happy ending for this story? Hope they'll figure out the best way for them and their children.

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