Top worst customer services and staffs at RelianceSmart

Highlighting worst experiences that we found in nearby reliancesmart stores. From customer service to the floors and rude staff in the stores.

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What is Reliance Smart?

Online Grocery Shopping in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore. Buy Grocery Online @ Best Price | Reliancesmart.in

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What does Reliance Mart (ehem Smart) customer service stand for?

What Reliance has claimed on their website.

Customer friendly interface

User friendly & easy to navigate website
Well-trained customer service agents to assist you during order booking & enquiries


Customer Service: What really happens in RelianceSmart stores

At the Cashier Counter

Customer Service cashiers literally throwing the items.

No training of packing of delicate products.

Items at the counter are handled by the cashiers and we have no control over the handling.

Cashiers pick up items from the shopping trolley and throw inside the packing bag.

Bags of Maggi noodles got crushed and mangoes got squeezed with the improper handling.

Reliancesmart staff: Ignores and keep throwing the items

What Reliance has claimed on their website.

Uncompromised Quality

Fresh & high quality products stored & transported in high standards of hygiene & temperature control
Well trained staff to pack just the right product for your order


Quality: What really happens in RelianceSmart stores

We can't judge the food and quality. Only option is to believe in what we see. But flies over the squished vegetables are everywhere on the floor. No staff was there to clean or even mop the floor. Which makes the floor so slippery to walk too.

Shopping Trollies everywhere!!

Empty and devil shopping trollies take most of the space and less space to conviniently shop.


Reliancesmart's staff is busy talking!

So what is all the staff of Reliancesmart doing?

Yes they are busy talking with each other and killing time, ignoring everything that is going wrong in the store and least respect to the customers.

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