Let's play in Delhi! 5 Recommended activities for traveler

This time I try to recommend FIVE recommended activities to play in New Delhi. From unexpected to classic, we have various recommended activities.

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1. Delhi By Cycle


Delhi by Cycle Raj Tour in New Delhi

Rs. 1,850 per person



Address: H-6 / 1A Second Floor | Shahpurjat Near Jungi House, New Delhi 110049, India
Tel: +91 9811723720

2. Delhi by Bike

Delhi by Bike


Address: Asaf Ali Rd, Old Delhi | In front of the Hotel Broadway, New Delhi 110065, India
Tel: +91 78383 29441

3. National Zoological Park of Delhi


The third activity in New Delhi is "National Zoological Park of Delhi". The animals that grew up in the nature are vivid and have a different power than any zoo in the world.

National Zoological Park of Delhi

Address: National Zoological Park | Mathura Road, New Delhi 110 003, India
Tel: 24618070


4. Deer Park


The fourth activity in New Delhi is "Deer Park". This is a park is famous for its deers. Every deer has charm and is pretty. Moreover, it seems that peacock can also be seen, so please visit those who love animals by all means.

Deer Park

Address: Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029, India
Tel: 9311807071

5. Fun 'n' Food Village

The fifth recommendation activity of New Delhi is "Fun 'n' Food Village". Great water park is ideal for playing with family and partner. A huge water slider is a must-see.


Fun 'n' Food Village

Rs. 500 per head


Address: Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Kapashera Estate, New Delhi 110037, India
Tel: 0091 1143260000

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