Monday Blues and Rainy days. Motivation to work on Mondays

"I do not feel motivated somehow" I will introduce the hints of how to hold a useful mind in such cases, by case.

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"I'm not motivated"

"Monday at the end of the holiday" and "rainy season" etc make you feel dull?

Everyone has experienced such a time, right?


Let's ease my mood by holding mind together

This time for the problem "I do not get motivated somehow". We prepared a list of prescriptions that is effective to bring a good mood.

Case 1: Monday after Weekend

As the word "Blue Monday's" exists, going to work on Monday after holidays tends to be depressing.


Prescription: Plan some fun on Monday night


For example, "Eating dinner outside" or "Eating your favorite sweets" or "Going to a shop you care about". It's a motivation to survive the Monday Blues by making your own fun .

Mondays always seem like the hardest day at work. What we don’t realize is that it is only a perception.


Case 2: Rainy Season

The rainy season tends to feel like a dull sky as well. On rainy season, there are many people who tend to get depressed.

A rainy season lasts for about 1 month to a month and a half.

Prescription: Enjoy indoor


Watching movies at home and reading books, the rainy season is a perfect season to relax and enjoy indoor.


Let 's enjoy the environment that it is difficult to go out.

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