Some unknown facts about the Movie Dunkirk-Christopher Nolan

We cover the unknown facts about the movie Dunkirk 2017, by Christopher Nolan. Things You Need to Know About Dunkirk.

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Christopher Nolan's upcoming film - Dunkirk

Three different stories

What has happened two colossal military disaster world war two was primarily fought in three places on land, air and at sea  Dunkirk takes a similar approach choosing to tell three different stories from each of these distinct points of view. What's interesting about this is that it allows the viewer to better understand what it was like to be a boots-on-the-ground soldier, a pilot, in the sky and a sailor at sea. All three of these army branches experience the conflict differently as soldiers on the beach could be stuck there for up to a week men at sea. Work daily shifts and pilots spent an hour in the sky.

Dunkirk takes inspiration from a number of films

The enemy tanks have stopped in the lead-up to the release of his newest film director writer and producer Christopher Nolan held a screening series featuring 11 film that serves as the inspiration for Dunkirk. While some such as "All Quiet on the Western Front" were obvious others like speed and Tony Scott's "Unstoppable" were not the latter films were chosen due to their stress-inducing nature as both are races against the clock to prevent tragedy in that way they mirror the plot of Dunkirk, making it easy to understand why Nolan shows them that they will die.

Dunkirk is one of Nolan's shortest films.

There's reality enemy forces close by Christopher Nolan's name has become synonymous with epic films that are able to connect with viewers on an emotional level. Oh and they're usually long, very long, in fact the last of Nolan's feature films to be released with a runtime of less than two hours with 2002's insomnia a long time. Since then his films have clocked in at well over 2 hours in length, with some even approaching the three-hour mark .Interstellar time is relative, okay however Dunkirk has a runtime of 1 hour and 47 minutes. So waiting for the ideal time to run to the washroom shouldn't be much of a problem.

Dunkirk film uses real ships and planes


When it comes to historical dramas the best way to be totally accurate is to shell out the cash for the real deal. Because of Dunkirk's subject matter that meant spending 5 million dollars on vintage Nazi aircraft, that were subsequently destroyed during the shoot. But it didn't stop there, as Nolan also brought in and renovated a number of actual warships. As an actor it must be a heck of a lot easier to pretend you are a soldier fighting in World War 2, when the ships and planes from the actual event are all around you.

There is very little CGI in Dunkirk

Just means you get natural reactions, so for a while CGI was the hottest thing, since sliced bread, everyone from Steven Spielberg to Martin Scorsese was using CGI to make their films as dynamic as possible. However some directors have opted to include more practical effects in their films. Over the past few years ditching CGI for simpler and sometimes more obvious solutions, Dunkirk did its best to avoid using CGI and for scenes involving large amounts of soldiers and vehicles cardboard cutouts were used to make them look real. When the movie comes out you'll have an opportunity to guess who's an actor and who's one strong gust of wind away from falling over. You know you can never really put yourself there, but that is I think the closest you can come to putting yourself in that situation.

The star is a relative unknown

Most of Christopher Nolan's films have been built around big stars. The Dark Knight trilogy had Christian Bale Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Inception had Leonardo DiCaprio and interstellar had Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathway.

While Dunkirk has its fair share of a listers like Tom Hardy Kenneth Branagh and Killian Murphy. Much of the focus has been surrounding Finn Whitehead a 19-year old London native with zero film credits to his name. He wanted somebody who is not only the same age as the soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk, but also someone who hadn't yet dipped their toes in the Hollywood pool. With Whitehead, both of his wishes came true.

Nolan shot most of the movie with IMAX cameras


I think where people can find a 17 millimeter at the presentation of Dinkirk, they're seeing the best possible presentation of the story. By now no one is no stranger to using IMAX cameras for his films, however he took it to a whole new level while shooting his most recent feature. Roughly 75 percent of Dunkirk was shot using IMAX cameras. A new record for the London native the film will be released in seventy millimeter in 125 cinemas, marking the widest release in that format in over 25 years to get IMAX shots. 

Harry Styles will make his acting debut


If you don't know who Harry Styles, then we encourage you to get out of the rock, you've apparently been living under. The British singer-songwriter is a member of the boy band One Direction who have released a number of hit singles since becoming active in 2010. However he's now set his sights on a new goal acting. Styles is said to appear in Christopher Nolan's newest film and will play the role of Alex a young British soldier. Stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk ironically enough no one didn't even know who Stiles was when he cast him in the movie.

Dunkirk film was shot where the actual event took place

To cut costs films will often choose to recreate a location instead of going for the real deal. But Nolan never went to cut corners decided to shoot Dunkirk in the same locations as the infamous World War 2 event. It's based on in this sense the film seems determined to be as historically accurate as possible

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