Hollywood Movies to look forward to in August 2017

Checkout the best of the hollywood movies slated to release in the month of august 2017. Notable mentions include the horror flick Annabelle Creation

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June and July have certainly been amazing months for Hollywood movies. Movies like Baby Driver and Dunkirk have impressed us all. For pop culture fans Wonder Woman and Spider-man: Homecoming have certainly been a welcome delight. But it is not just action and super-hero stuff that defines Hollywood. Hollywood is known for its diversity when it comes to movies and the Summer blockbusters are definitely something people look forward to every year. With just one month of Summer remaining, there is quite a variety on the platter for August. Horror, action, and comedy there is something in store for everyone this one.

Anabelle: Creation

Conjuring is one of the finest horror movies and based in the same universe the Anabelle doll has made an appearance in almost every movie. This movie takes you back to the time she was created. The upcoming Hollywood movie has already premiered at a film festival and received positive reviews. It should be a fun watch in the theatres but definitely not for the faint-hearted.


The Hitman's Bodyguard

Assassin's needing a bodyguard is certainly a very strange concept. And it is nothing but comic when the assassin is of the likes of Samuel L. Jackson while the bodyguard is like Ryan Reynolds. Both are known for their sense of humor and a decent handling of action scenes. It should be fun to see this buddy movie and it might be a fun watch.


Logan Lucky

Not in real life but in reel life we love our own fare share of heists. The ingenuity that the thief's use while robbing and evading arrest is certainly a delight to watch. Starring Adam Driver and Channing Tatum, it should be a delight to watch the heist comedy. The actors are unrecognizable in their new roles and there surely will be a lot of laughs in this one.


The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

The 2014 movie Nut Job was well loved by adults and the teenagers. Gone are the days when animated movies were only made for kids. Now we have some for everyone. Will Arnett reprises his role in this sequel and it promises to be a laugh riot, like the first one.


The Dark Tower

Stephen King has contributed a lot to Hollywood cinema. There have been a lot of classic movies which were adapted from his novels. The Dark Tower is another one of them. Starring Idris Elba, this sc-fi Western film hits all the right notes. The series is going to be launched as bunch of movies and TV series and this is the first of them. The new Hollywood movie trailer review proves that this is one movie you don’t want to miss.

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