The big dial watch trending fashion secrets - VocWatches

Vocwatches are simple with sophisticated design. A perfect gift on Christmas or Valentine's day. Big dial fashion is trending on Instagram and blogs.

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Fashion watches Vocwatches for Men and Women

VOC watches are perfect for both myself and gifts. It is also very popular as a pair watch.

A closer look at the VOC watch dial, belt to go with different styles

Cool and sophisticated design, so very elegant of vocwatches

The edge of gold, black belt fits any style.

Popular among women


Black and White Dials

Black Dial

Stylish is this!

Elegant and looks professional on men too

White Dial

Adopts well with handbag

Tricolor color Belt on vocwatch.


Tricolor color is the best.


Cute Colorful Belts



check out their Instagram for many more

VOC (@vocwatches) • Instagram photos and videos

Minimalist and elegant watches and bracelets. Designed for you


Gift VOC watch this year to your love ones

Cannot think of a perfect gift from my partner than a vocwatch

Secrets of vocwatches

Popular Secret 1, size feeling is just right

Size perfect for women's arms. What is characteristic is the thinness of the case!
It's so thin ♪ corresponds to the wide range of styles to casual dress from.

Popular Secret 2, simple knit sweater with vocwatch looks absolutely cute in winter.

Popular secret 3, even with a couple or a couples

Faces and belts are matching!

Friends :)



Price is also good and easy to Shop, to give couples and married couples a gift this time

VOC watches shop online

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