SOS Alert: Typhoon Hato, HongKong - August 2017

Hong Kong has been slammed by a dangerous storm, with winds sending pedestrians and cars flying.

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Impact of Hong Kong Storm. Compiled Videos

A man wades through floodwaters away from his car after heavy rains brought on by Typhoon Hato in Hong Kong.

More than 120 were injured as the territory was lashed with hurricane winds and pounding rain.

Water supply was also limited, authorities said, and 50 flights cancelled from its international airport.

By evening, parts of Macau were still without power.
It killed 130 people and left 72,000 people homeless.

Typhoon Hato has killed at least 10 people after it tipped across southern China on Wednesday, battering Hong Kong skyscrapers, flooding streets and forcing thousands to flee to shelters.

The enclave’s famed mega-casinos were running on backup generators.
Nearly two million households were briefly without power.

Streets in areas near the sea were submerged by waves crashing ashore, according to local TV news footage.

Thousands evacuated, flights cancelled and schools closed after the storm triggers Hong Kong’s most severe warning


Cars float in flooded streets and waves and wind slam the shoreline as Typhoon Hato makes landfall in Hong Kong.

The morning after Typhoon Hato. All boats start heading back out to sea.

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