A Gentleman Review: A Slick Action-Comedy

An action packed comedy with Siddharth Malhotra in a double role and Jacqueline Fernandez playing an ambitious damsel. The movie is in theatres now.

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Just as the tagline for the movie suggests A Gentleman is quite sundar, susheel and risky, to say the least. The appearance of the movie is picturesque, both lead actors Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez are beautiful people that look slick throughout the movie and their acting is engaging as well. As for the ‘risky’ title, the movie is an action comedy that’s a spy story of sorts.

The main premise of the movie is set around Siddharth Malhotra’s dual role of Gaurav Kapoor and Rishi, who are poles apart and live in different locales. Gaurav Kapoor is an executive at a firm in Miami and has everything a working professional needs, a bungalow and a car, a minivan actually, of his own. He also enjoys cooking and has a bit of an OCD. All of this is way too boring for Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), his colleague that he’s smitten with. Kavya is an independent modern day working woman who’s impulsive and is constantly looking out for thrills. She doesn’t like the fact that Gaurav plays it safe and finds him to be quite boring.


Rishi is Gaurav’s twin, although not related, he lives in the city of Mumbai and had been part of a covert security force headed by Colonel Vijay Saxena played by Suniel Shetty. He is the Col.’s loyal foot-soldier and continues to assist him even after leaving the force. An official called Gaurav Kapoor (Kunal Sharma) gets killed by the Col. and Rishi is of the opinion that it was needless. In an effort to get away from the now vengeful Col. he decides to leave India and chooses Miami as his next destination. He decides to live a normal life quite like Gaurav but drama ensues as the two live in the same city.

The plot is predictable but what’s appealing about the movie is its fast paced action and a rapid blend of songs, romance and comedy which makes it a through entertainer. The movie can also be appreciated for the sassiness which it delivers with its clever jokes and situational antics. The makers have also avoided any crass tactics or stupid stunts that often spoil the plot in Bollywood movies.

The directors & writers of the movie, Raj & DK, who gave us India’s first zombie movie “Go Goa Gone”, have tried to give us something different in this movie as well but in all honesty, one can’t help but feel that the movie is a mix of Hollywood inspired action sequences and romance.

Siddharth’s double role portrayal is good but not spectacular. He manages to carry the entire film on his very able shoulders however. This is by far his best acting performance till date. Jacqueline Fernandez too delivers a great performance and seems to have mastered Hindi finally. She also seems to be in the best shape possible what with her dancing in the hit song ‘Chandralekha’, being talked about aplenty.

All in all, the movie is a slick and smooth entertainer with a few one dimensional aspects that can be ignored.  It isn’t a big budget action flick but surely packs a punch.

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