Protecting yourself against Equifax Hack: CheckList | 2017

A must checklist that you need to do in order to protect yourself and your family from the equifax hack 2017.

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What records are hacked in the equifax hack?

For nearly 200 million people .
These records included:
1. First and last names
2. Social Security numbers
3. Birth dates
4. Current and past addresses
5. Drivers License numbers


What is the impact of equifax hack?

Since Social Security numbers were affected, there is risk of tax fraud.


Steps you should take right now to protect your family

  1. Get your credit reports ASAP
  2. Freeze your credit
  3. Make sure you have birth certificates for everyone in your family
  4. File your taxes promptly
  5. Be vigilant when strangers contact you

You can check out more on the details about equifax protecting your family checklist

The Equifax hack and how to protect your family — all explained in 5 minutes

In 1989, the US government decided to concentrate our most sensitive data in the hands of three giant finance corporations: Experian…


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