Comic Con 2017 is All Set to Begin in October

Comic Con, the finest Cosplay show is set to begin this october in prime cities Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

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We are nearing the end of the year and that means that it is time for the Comic Con fever to go around the nation. About seven years ago, Comic Con first came to India and the fans who were always moaning about how they don't have access to their favorite merchandise or how they can't really dress up as their favorite characters rejoiced. After a couple of successful conventions in Mumbai and Delhi, this year the Comic Con is happening in four cities, Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The dates for the convention are out and everyone is already getting ready for it.

The cosplay event is one of the highlights of the Comic Con event. There are people who spend months designing the perfect costume as a tribute to their favorite characters. And if you are thinking it's just about the comics you cannot be more wrong. The trailer of Baahubali  was launched at one of the Mumbai conventions and so was Shivaay merchandise. You also get a lot of fan experiences along with the most important thing of all merchandise for everything pop culture. Last year, they even had the Fantastic Beasts stall where you could record yourself casting spells. Comic Con Hyderabad is also known for its amazing array of cosplayers who are dressed to impress. Comic Con Mumbai also attracts a lot of celebrities and the AXN experience section is something you should watch out for. Last year they even had stars from TV series like Jim Beaver and Paul Blackthorne. The Doctor has also visited us along with Mark Gatiss the co-creator of Sherlock. You know you can expect something great when you go to Comic Con.

Apart from the music festivals, Comic Cons are perhaps the most popular weekender events where like-minded people come together and have a weekend of fun. There are also comic artists who come and if you are a purist comic book fan, then this is the place you have to be. The dates of Comic Con India are out Hyderabad (14th – 15th October), Mumbai (11th – 12th November), Bengaluru (2nd – 3rd December) and Delhi (15th – 17th December).The guest lineup and the attractions are yet to be announced and you can tune in here for more updates regarding Comic Con. Save the dates.

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