The Current War tells Story of Race to Light Up the World

With a stellar cast consisting of Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon, Katherine Waterson, Tom Holland and others, The Current War,

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The Current War is a period drama about two of America’s greatest geniuses, Thomas Edison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (played by Michael Shannon) to determine whose electrical systems would power the modern world.  The movie has been made by a young director by the name of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon who is known for his 2015 feature film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and has been written by Michael Mitnick.

The Current War is set in the year 1880, where we see inventor Thomas Edison (Benedict) astonish the world by lighting up a part of Manhattan using his newly invented electric light, whereas on the other hand we see George Westinghouse, a Pittsburgh business tycoon dealing in gas with deep pockets trying to devise another method and pose a challenge to Edison. Thomas Edison is known to have preferred direct current whereas Westinghouse preferred alternative current which resulted in a clash of personalities and ideals. The Current War is majorly about that very dilemma.

A look at the trailer gives us a fair bit of idea about the movie which is an edgy high-minded and poised entertainer. The rivalry between Edison and Westinghouse is portrayed with much pomp and grandeur and looks more like a confrontation between like-minded generals or statesmen to say the least. Cumberbatch’s Edison appears mercurial, bullish and eccentric whereas Michael Shannon’s Westinghouse is a more confident and self-assured character.

If you thought this was all, the movie also brings in the character of Nikola Tesla who is much revered in the scientific community, he is played by actor Nicholas Hoult. Tesla’s character in the movie is also believed to be a nod to David Bowie’s portrayal of him in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 film The Prestige. The Current War also has a great soundtrack to complement its grandiose feel.

The movie is set to release in December this year and provides an interesting insight into the life and times of history’s greatest inventors and how they went about solving everyman’s problems, let’s hope the movie turns out to be as high-voltage inducing, as it appears.

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