3 Reason’s to Watch DC’s Justice League Movie

Justice League is one of the best DC movies ever made. Justice League is set to hit cinemas on the 17th of November.

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The DC Cinematic Universe needs a win and the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman movies might just be the answer to secure their future cinematic plans. After the success of Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad things are looking up for DC and there are quite a few reasons to believe it could match or even surpass Marvel’s The Avengers. For one Justice League is the only well-known superhero team that came on much before Marvel’s The Avengers live-action movie showed up. Thanks to the animated Justice League TV series and the multiple animated movies that were released by Warner Bros. Here are a few reasons why the Justice League is much stronger and worth the watch.


  1. The “Age of Heroes”: While Batman and Wonder Woman have shined on the big screen before and are known to audiences, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash are relatively new and are making their big screen debut in the movie. Wonder Woman in the trailer calls the time period around Justice League a new “Age of Heroes” and it would be exciting to see that angle pushed. Also, it falls on DC to show what a fun superhero team looks like, what with The Avengers currently torn apart.

  2. Superman Could Return: As Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice showed us Superman sacrificed himself to kill the villainous Doomsday but with the new trailer for Justice League it appears that the Man of Steel will make a comeback. It will be interesting to see what director Zack Snyder has done and how he resurrects Superman. In the trailer, we see Alfred, stooped over a car’s engine compartment, oblivious to the impact tremors swashing his scotch in a nearby glass. Until the figure is revealed, causing Alfred to look on in stunned wonder, revealing that this very scene was foretold (we presume) by Bruce Wayne himself: “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope… you’re not too late.” The language and presentation suggest that it was Superman’s return that Bruce prophesied, and the glimpse of what looks to be Superman’s red cape and profile leave little doubt. This scene alone has fans salivating to watch Justice League and why not!

A Not So Dark DC Movie: To begin with it must be acknowledged that Batman vs Superman was notoriously un-funny and a bit grim. By contrast, it seems like Justice League will have way more humour than the other films. How do we know that? Well, the trailer showed us a funny scene between Batman and the Flash where the former was recruiting the later. Batman had clearly prepared a long and persuasive speech, but Flash quickly interrupts to say he'll join the team because he needs "friends," before asking if he can keep a batarang. Hopefully, this cheeky exchange is proof that the DC movies will have their own quirky banter, not to mention a sense of humour that will provide a little light in all the darkness of the plot.

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