How does "Amazon Go" work. step by step explanation

Amazon announces next-generation super "Amazon Go" with no cash register! After checking youtube video and explain questions about how amazon go works

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Next-generation supercomputer (real store) and there is no cash register - Amazon Go

As this is a topic all over the world now that "This is amazing!" "Too futuristic!" I would like to introduce it.


Mechanism of Amazon Go

Born using computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) ... next generation super "Amazon Go". We explain the mechanism roughly ...


1. Shoppers launch their own mobile app before entering the store.

2. Then, as things like "QR code" is scanned

3. Scan it with an automatic ticket gate.

4. Shopping Starts

Entry OK!

5. Phone in the Pocket is OK

Even without having a smartphone in hand. It's okay in bags and pockets.

6. Taking a cheese cake

6. Checking the cheese cake

"cheese cake 1" feel like is counted.

And if you restore the item

It is a mechanism to be erased promptly from the costume cart.

Awesome "Just Walk Out" technology! Amazon Go

1. "I wonder with how much?"

In such times, if you look at the dedicated page

2. The total amount can also be checked!

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