Why now with iPhone? Super Mario Run

Nintendo is planning to release "Super Mario Run" for iPhone and iPad on 15th . First time in Mario's 35 years history for"Super Mario" on smartphones

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Nintendo is planning to release "Super Mario Run" for iPhone and iPad next week. It is the first time in Mario's 35 years history that "Super Mario" will be able to play on smart devices. How much has this changed?

Why Nintendo is releasing it Super Mario Run on the Smartphone now?

Lets take an example of Disney for a while. Disney TV

Disney TV for Disney movies?

Please imagine. Let's say there was a special disney made television. On that TV, only Disney movies can be seen .... What if?

Every time I try to watch a Disney character, is it normal to turn off the TVs that are attached to watching all other programs and turn on Disney's dedicated TV?

Moreover, it would be necessary to exchange the television which is not so different from this ordinary television that we have.

Who will continue to purchase such television? Certainly, there would be people who would like to watch the program on that TV.

But I like Disney movies, but I do not have much money. How about such an average consumer?

Nintendo, "Super Mario Run" on Smartphone

Nintendo has been selling game software on the premise that it always uses its own hardware such as "Disney special TV".

In fact, "Super Mario Bros." which can be said to be the most beloved game series ever, could not be played except by Nintendo's device.


It is time for this situation to change at last. Because "Super Mario run" will be released for millions of iOS devices in front of Christmas.

Nintendo has heard the voice from the user saying "I want you to be able to play Mario on mobile devices" for a long time.

Nintendo wants the people who have not played Mario for years to play "Super Mario Run" for those who first contact Mario for the first time. If Super Mario run is successful, Nintendo can decorate the second mobile game this year.

The summer 'Pokemon GO' epidemic has raised the stock price of Nintendo the highest among the last few years.

"Super Mario Run" and "Pokemon GO". The advent of these two games shows that Nintendo decided to bring their own characters from their own terminals onto other mobile terminals.

The sales of Wii U did not grow, Nintendo refrains from releasing Nintendo Switch in March. Nintendo as a hardware company may also be aware of the importance of acquiring young generation users who become fans through characters.

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