2 days trip to Bangkok

I just had awesome experiences in a 2-day trip to Thailand... ♡ And you know what, the budget was only 5000THB($160 approx)!!

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About Thailand 🇹🇭

Language:Thai, English can be used around sighseeing spots


→ Approx:TBH=2INR,1TBH=0.03USD


Khao San Road

Our day 1 started from Khao San Road. There are many cheap yet exotic, amazing shops on that road.

This is our 1st day’s breakfast at Khao San Road.
Sour sweet pork with steamed rice (approx 50THB).

Wat Phrakeaw(The Great Palace)

It took 20mins to walk from Khao San road to Wat Phrakeaw (because we got lost on the way..)
Wat Phrakeaw is a huge palace, temple.
Entrance fee is THB500. It is pretty expensive, in my opinion, as everything is so cheap in Thailand.
But it’s worth visiting!!
It may take a whole day if you wanna see all those shining, golden and colorful architectures.

Eleffin Coffee

Eleffin coffee is so close to Wat Phrakeaw and Wat Pho.
Is the best lunch place to cool down your body with Thai coffee or fruits sherbet.

Wat Pho

After coffee break, we walked fo Wat Pho ( it took only 5-10mins).
Wat Pho’s entrance fee was 100THB.
And that golden Buddha...you can never get disappointed. It is definitely bigger and more magnificent than your expectations.
And you would lose words when you see those uncountable Buddha statues

Asiatique & Calypso (new half show)

Asiatique is full of shops, bars, restaurants and even ferris wheel🎡!!
You can spend a whole day there.
We went to this relaxing restaurant named “Why 97”.
That phat thai is definitely the best one I had in my life (not exaggerating)

And after dinner we went to Calypso (new half show), one of our goals in this trip!
Ticket (with one drink) was 900THB, because we booked online.
Without reservation, it’s 1200THB, without reserved seats...so, why not
The show was, in my (really honest) opinion, not too good. But that’s maybe my expectation was too high.
The girls were sooo cute!!
I wanna learn from them how to behave girly like them, seriously.

Night snacks

My favorite part of trips🤤
Seven eleven are everywhere in Bangkok...perfect.


Kuang Heng Pratunam

Our 2nd day started with Khao Man Kai.
Taxi driver took us there, and woo hoo!
This place was full of local people.
And this delicious Khao Man Kai was only 50THB.

The Touch

And we went to The Touch-Thai massage.
300THB for all over your body for one hour.
After a long flight and walking around the city, we had to go.
The massage includes literally all of your body, including head massage 💆 !!!

Big C & Central World

Big C and Central World stand across the street.
Big C has many shops and a big grocery store so you can get souvenir snacks there!

Central World has more luxury stores.
There also is a Thailand brand NaRaYa.
They have a lot of cute items like bags and makeup purses, and they’re unbelievably cheap.

That’s it!!! For my Thailand trip✈️🇹🇭
There are so many more things to explore so I definitely wanna go back there again!!
Thank you for reading :)


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