3 Festivals You Should Attend in Pushkar

Festivals in India reflect the culture and traditions that have a great impact on the people. Every state has its own festival to celebrate,

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Festivals in India reflect the culture and traditions that have a great impact on the people. Every state has its own festival to celebrate, so has Rajasthan. Pushkar, being the Brahma Temple city of Rajasthan celebrates all its festivals with uniqueness that enchants the visitors and tourists even more to come back to the place again later. Pushkar is populated with very lively and entertaining people celebrated a number of fairs and festivals and bringing together people of different class and creed to a common platform. Taking up the Pushkar Tour Packages https://www.royaladventuretours.com/pushkar-tour-packages.php with Royal Adventure Tours will help you in understanding the true meaning of the festivals celebrated in Pushkar.

Three festivals that you should really not miss out while you plan your Pushkar trip in the selecting the Rajasthan Tour packages are:

1. Kartik Ekadashi Festival

The fasting of the full moon in Hinduism places an important place. Each year there are 12 full-lengths. Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripuri Purnima or Ganges Bath. A religious fair is held in Pushkar along with the Goddess Kartik Mas of Ekadashi bath and spiritual journey. It is celebrated very festively in Pushkar Festival. On this day, Pushkar Mela is also held in Pushkar, but people take bath in lake and worship Lord Brahma. On this day people come to Pushkar far and wide, and celebrate this festival.

2. Teej Festival

Teej is a festival which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. This festival is mainly celebrated by married women and it is carried all over Rajasthan. But the celebrations can be seen more colorful in Jaipur. Married women pray for the long and happy married life during this festival and celebrate by singing and dancing. This teej festival is celebrated during the monsoon months of July or August. It is more celebrated in Rajasthan and it will last up to two to three days. Teej's song and kirtan are enjoyed on this day and awakened three times aarti and the story of Lord Shiva Parvati marriage is also heard.

3. Pushkar Festival

The pushkar festival fair is held every year during the month of November at the full moon. This festival is one of India’s best to experience the buying and selling of cattle’s. During this festival people from all nearby regions come to buy and sell their cattle’s. More than 11,000 camels and horses will be exchanged during this festival. Over 400,000 people will visit this 14 days festival from all over the world. The best traditional meals, village lifestyle can be witnessed during this festival of Pushkar.

The magic of Pushkar town along with the spiritual offerings can be experienced. A holy dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake and visiting the only Brahma temple in the world will be the best things to do in pushkar.

These and the other festivals like the Holi festival, the camel festival, Teej, etc add to the experiences of the visitors and travelers who are allured by the interesting ceremonies, rituals and folk performances during these festivals in Pushkar. 

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