Do Re Mi – The Notes That Strum at The Heart Strings!

ARTISTSMeher Mistry, Arunoday SinghRaell Padamsee's Ace Productions presentsThe Sound of Music, a musical with music by Richard Rodgers and Hamerst

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 It is truly a blessing to spend a worthwhile evening with your family, watching a cult theatrical and film production from America. A sound of Music is a classic Broadway show later adapted to a feature film of the same name, dating back to 1959. It is a family drama fictionalized upon the backdrop of World War 2.

A classic film and a theatrical have an inherent charm, especially when the story is narrated as a musical. The stage experience is known to get families closer, as they bond over their shared love for the Music, Theatre and the Arts. The sound of Music is a special classic based on one such family, to inspire a million other families about the importance of love and unity.

The musical traces a youthful Maria changing the domestic environment of Captain Trapp’s residence. Her love and compassion are admirable as she selflessly imparts the knowledge of music among the seven children.

Impressed by her abilities and compassion, the Captain develops a soft corner for her. However, they are all forced to flee the country, when the Captain is summoned to serve again at the Navy, under the German control.

The sound of Music has some lovable tracks like Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, Maria, and Edelweiss which is sure to make the viewers nostalgic of their childhood. Kids will equally be entertained as they watch characters of their age, sing and dance to spectacular songs.

There is a beautiful lesson of love and togetherness. How music binds the entire family amid the beautiful landscapes of Austria. How every family is faced with difficulties, yet comes out of it stronger and together.

The play is a worldwide hit and has been theatrically passed on from generations, making it timeless. Once in a while, it is important to witness another world, another family to rekindle the joy and importance of our own.

The play is headlined by a stellar cast. Carmen Pretorius plays the lovable vivacious Maria while Nicholas Maude complements her by playing a strict naval officer, Captain Von Trapp. The play is marvelously running across the globe even in its 59th year.

The viewer will be transported to the scenic mountains of Austria, with an opportunity to sing and dance with Maria, as she tutors the seven children. While they will witness the political tensions just before World War 2 broke out.

Treat your families to a spectacular show with a message. Enjoy the cult classic and relive the era. The production and costume drama is a class apart. The show appeals to all age groups. For tickets to the show, log onto ticketing portal BookMyShow.  

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