Aravind SA tours with his brilliant Standup Act

Aravind SA is now taking his show to cities around the world, including yours.

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Aravind SA’s content on south stereotypes is not stereotypical; he mixes it up with his witty spin on blockbuster films like Chennai Express, hilariously describing the romantic needs of a long-distance relationship that turn more absurd than romantic. His simple observations are molded by a funny monologue; you will find yourself falling off your seats when eavesdropping on this cool DA.

DA, a word which means buddy, is common parlance among Tamils. Aravind SA, adds, “The challenge is to take my Chennai accent, mix in a fully English show, and communicate a version that’s common across the cities I’m trying to cater to” The multitalented guy is an internet viral sensation, an artist with Amazon Prime famous for Madrasi Da, and of course a LIVE performer.

Although some may think his content is limited to the context of Chennai, Aravind’s travel exposure has given him a better and empowered social and political perspective. He says, “My influences are more varied now.” Creating an edgy show like ‘I’m not ready, da’, Aravind explains, “A stand-up comedy stage is the one place where India’s middle class is represented accurately — well, more accurately than cinema or television” he gracefully and humorously describes our first world challenges and how widespread it can be.

His script is narrated in English, but one cannot take the ‘Chennai’ out of Aravind SA, and the references reflect largely in his content. His specialty includes pitting the North Indian against the South Indian, Aravind explains, “It’s how comedy works. We take a stereotype, invert it, mock it, and play along with it. That’s why our jokes work, and as long as we make ourselves part of it, the concept becomes less about the stereotype and more about the joke itself.”

Aravind believes his work speaks a great extent for the person he is, “It all comes down to my identity and the way it’s perceived. At the end of the day, what I do is an extension of my natural personality. And that’s as genuine as it gets.” Aravind SA is adored by Indian audiences; his show has a history of sold out packed auditoriums. He wishes to put Chennai on the global comedy map and make every citizen familiar with Madrasi quirks.

He has attempted this show in several cities, testing its hilarity levels, making improvisations as he gets out of his comfort zone each time. Aravind SA is the most genuine and real performer who soon befriends his listeners. Watching him LIVE is an absolute treat.

To make bookings to his latest outing, ‘I’m not ready Da’, log onto BookMyShow and hit him up on the internet to get familiar with his comic style. 

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