The Complete Guide To Upcoming Plays In Mumbai

The guide to all the plays and events happening around in Mumbai.

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To every theater lover reading this article, we have accumulated a list of relevant plays which you can opt to see in the coming days. The most personal and intimate experience is when watching a LIVE play, where you can sense the emotions of the characters and their individual complexities, unlike any other popular medium of Television or Films.

Additionally, it provides great content, unheard stories, real characterizations with opportunities to bond with family and friends.

Salaam Noni Appa – 24th - 25th March.

St. Andrews Auditorium and Sophia Auditorium, Mumbai

A beautiful ‘slice of life’ story picked up from Twinkle Khanna’s best seller, Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, the story revolves around Noni Appa, who after life’s many phases of marriage, motherhood and presently as a widow, finds solace in the company of her sister. With whom, she fights, bickers and loves dearly.

Noni Appa finds that she’s falling for a much younger married man and has to choose between societal norms or companionship.

Enjoy her carefree spirit, and many adventures in rediscovering the meaning of life.

Rage Production’s Class of 84 – 24th March

Prithvi Theatre

The story revolves around seven thick friends from the St. Xavier’s batch of 79 to 84, gathered at Kashid Beach house owned by Raveena and Sanjay Mehra, to mourn the death of their eighth friend.

The emotional evening will make the viewer introspect, walk down the memory lane given the thick companionship and ponder upon life.

The Vagina Monologues – 24th and 25th March

Canvas Laugh Club

A complete laugh riot, watch this hilarious monologue on how a certain vagina would feel. Ever thought of it from its angle? Strange yet, the makers fuse in comedy, reality, and biology to present this classic brand ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and have been enhancing the act since 2003.

Welcome Jindagi – 24th March to 1st April

Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya Griha Hall

Welcome Jindagi is a loving ‘slice of life’ theatrical based on a father and son duo. Father is of the age of 102 and wishes to break the life span record of a fellow Chinese Man who lived up till 118 years. However, the negativity and pessimism of his 75-year old son, gives birth to the decision of isolating the son to a far away old-age home.

The drama changes gears when a young sales girl from a medical shop becomes the bridge between dad and son. The suspense is revealed towards the end, as the father had good intentions all the while for his beloved son.

Watch these amazing stories LIVE with your loved ones. Picked up from life’s many adventures. 


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