How to reach Udaipur Railway Station to City Palace

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Udaipur Railway station is one of the most popular railway stations in Rajasthan. The railway station is about 4km From the city center. Udaipur is directly connected to Rail, Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Chittaurgarh, Jodhpur and Ahmedabad. For reservation and inquiries at the railway station.
Udaipur Railway Station is situated at a short distance from the Udaipur city. Rajasthan Railway connects Udaipur station with as well as all other cities of India. The railway station is under the Indian Railway's North Western Railway. Udaipur City Railway Station has 6 platforms and a total of 8 tracks.

Reached in Udaipur - A Traveler's Guide

The best way to reach Jodhpur from any city is to book the train. After reaching the Udaipur Railway station you can book a Royal taxi. The City Palace is nearby the Udaipur Railway station. The distance between the city place and Railway station is about 3 to 4 km. so you can think about the taxi after visiting the city palace you can go to visit another attractive place in Udaipur.

City Palace Best Place To visit In Udaipur

Built on the banks of Pichola Lake, City Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan is considered as the largest royal complex. The splendid palace was built by Maharana Uday Singh in 1559 and served as the main seat of power, where Maharana lived and administered the state. After this, the palace was made more spectacular by his successors, who included several structures in it. The palace now houses the castle, patio, pavilion, corridor, roofs, rooms and hanging gardens.
City Palace consists of 11 wonderful castles, which were created by various rulers. In 1974, a part of the City Palace and the Jenna palace has been converted to a museum exhibiting ancient artifacts. The oldest part of the City Palace of Udaipur is Raj Angan, which was built in the 16th century by Maharana Uday Singh. The Palace Museum contains numerous old articles, canvases, enhancing furniture and utensils and pulls in a huge number of guests consistently.

Since it is the largest building in Udaipur, it is considered one of the best tourist destinations. With a mixture of Mughal and Rajasthani architectural styles, the luminous structure dominates many famous palaces and buildings around the city very authentically. The architecture of the palace is magnificent and testimony of the royal kingdoms of the Rajput dynasty. Known for its rich history, the beauty of the palace is still a benchmark for many structures.
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